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Equipping teachers for dynamic learning that meets students where they're at.

How we can help

We offer a range of services that are tailored to match your context, aims and audience.

We know that no school, family or organisation is the same, so we pride ourselves on working with you to make sure you are getting the support and training you need. We strive to practice what we preach, so we will differentiate for you and your team.


Growing Up Greatness works to improve educational provision for students of all abilities.  

We work with parents, schools, educators and school leaders to implement high-quality and research-based policy, processes and pedagogy through targeted consultancy and coaching. Collaborating in all learning environments, from primary to tertiary, we have experience in Government, Independent, and Catholic sectors both locally and internationally.

Review ► Up-skill ► Access Support ► Build capacity ► Embed Practice ► Raise Awareness


Know what is working well and areas needing improvement across the whole school.

We offer ready-made Audit Tools as well as Online Audit Tools that are tailored to your context and are designed to review school-wide practice.

We with work with you to review current practice, collate and analyse results to provide dynamic data from which to plan goals, implement strategy and measure progress in the areas of:

  • Gifted and Talented

  • Inclusion (including Gifted and Talented, Disability, and Differentiation)


Formal or informal presentations and workshops tailored to your school or organisation, context and aims.

We offer training on a range of topics related to diverse-ability classrooms, including:

  • Gifted and talented

  • Teaching and learning (including differentiation, assessment and behaviour)

  • Disability and inclusion

  • Staff wellbeing


Access support…

Strategic planning, policy and pedagogy advice and support for school leaders, educators, parents, organisations and community groups.

Our experienced consultants help you sort through the complex nature of education and inclusion and support you to plan and implement change.

Consultancy is tailored to your needs and context and the aim is to help you get started on the path to achieve your goals.

Build capacity…

Pedagogical change takes time. Teachers need ongoing support, goal-setting and feedback.

Ongoing support and coaching enables teachers to become active learners by setting goals, evaluating their practice and celebrating successes over time.

“When coaching was added to the staff development, approximately 95% of the teachers implemented the new skills in their classrooms.” (Cornett & Knight. Coaching Approaches and Perspectives. 2009)

We also coach school leaders and specialist teachers to build their own capacity to coach others within their team.

Embed practice…

School leaders and educators need ongoing support to manage change, and implement and embed quality practice.

At Growing Up Greatness, we see the greatest, long-term, measurable change in practice when we work with schools on a regular basis over a period of months or years.

Embedded Consultancy is a unique model of ongoing support, with our Education Consultants working closely with key leaders, teams and teachers over time to develop a strategic plan for change and work together to implement and embed this.

Raise awareness…

Acceptance of diversity, disability and difference goes well beyond schooling.

Our Consultants are available to work with employers, companies and organisations, media, churches and community groups to develop and review policy and practice.

  • Including and valuing diverse employees/members

  • Inclusive philosophy and policy

  • Building and maintaining staff wellbeing in the workplace

  • Person-first language in the media


"The program has led to observable improvements in teaching and learning, even in the first year.” 

“'We’ve introduced an innovative new PL program and Growing Up Greatness has been integral to the process. Resources were of an excellent quality, the team is thoughtful and effective at facilitating pedagogy discussions, and easy to work with.” 

Matthew Kameron

Director of the Centre for Excellence, Christ Church Grammar School, Perth, Western Australia

"It was the best PL session I have been to as a teacher.”

“Kylie is such a learned, inspiring presenter - I really valued the fact that everything she spoke about was backed up by research, and that the session was geared toward us, as professionals, coming up with new approaches, rather than being force-fed another pedagogy to somehow include in our already very full programs. Thanks again for your ideas and positive reinforcement, and thanks for sharing your resources with us.”

Sarah - English Teacher

Differentiating for the Gifted PL, Iona Presentation College, Perth, Western Australia