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Equipping teachers for dynamic learning that meets students where they're at.

Here to Support
Student Learning

We create schools and classrooms that meet the diverse learning needs of all students.

As passionate educators ourselves, we understand the complex — and often demanding — nature of schools and teaching. We’re here to support schools in their crucial roles of Growing Up Greatness. When school leaders and educators are equipped and supported to be effective, compassionate and evidence-based in their practice, all things are possible for every young person!


From Seed to Sky

The Growing Up Greatness journey.

We started with three founding beliefs — our ‘roots’.

Students of all abilities deserve a quality education, and the opportunity to learn and receive feedback on their learning every day. 

Teachers are a valuable resource who achieve their best when they’re professionally supported and able to maintain their wellbeing. 

With compassionate and strategic support, teachers and school leaders have the capacity to improve their practice and improve learning outcomes for diverse-ability students. 

Those roots sprouted two pivotal ideas — Growing Up, and Greatness — which have shaped the branches of who we are today.

We increase awareness and acceptance of diverse-ability learners by working with schools to practically build staff skills, capacity, and wellbeing.

Educators will be equipped for intentional, transparent, research-based teaching in every classroom.

Growing Up

Growing up is a journey rooted in the magic of community — one that collectively ‘grows’ its young people. This responsibility is shared by all of us; parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbours and community members alike. Together, we can provide a safe, supportive, and loving community for all children to become all they can be.


All children are capable of greatness. This looks different for every individual. Children and adolescents achieve their greatness when we believe in them, support them, seek to understand them, and provide opportunities to succeed and thrive.

Meet Our People


Kylie Bice
(BA, DipEd, GradCert(LD), MEd)

Owner & Education Consultant

An experienced Education Consultant and educator, Kylie believes that every student has the capacity to learn. She specialises in equipping schools to practice innovative, strategic, transparent, evidence-based teaching at all levels so that teachers, and in turn, students, can thrive.

Kylie works with schools to create optimal learning environments for all students. Her areas of expertise include:

  • Mentoring school leaders to manage change in schools in order to strategically plan for the needs of diverse students. 

  • Strategic and practical planning for inclusion, differentiation in the classroom, assessment, and teaching and support 

  • Strategies for all learners (including gifted, disabilities, learning difficulties and behaviour).

To learn more about Kylie, her qualifications, and her experience, download her complete bio below.


Michelle Bishop
(BPsych, Grad.Dip, Ed)

Education Consultant 

Michelle works alongside teachers and school leaders to support students in the areas of disability, learning difficulty, differentiation, social-emotional learning, and behaviour. She also specialises in staff wellbeing, providing specialist support to set practical long-term goals for individual and team wellness. Michelle is an experienced and knowledgeable presenter who has provided professional learning to a wide range of audiences at schools, seminars, and conferences.


"Kylie’s presentation was extremely professional, organised, and planned.” 

“She spoke clearly and knowledgeably on the topic. The blend of theory and experience was affirming, indicating her incredible understanding of the area.” 

Murray Robertson
Director of Staffing & Strategic Projects, Christ Church Grammar School, Perth, Western Australia

"Kylie’s experience and expertise was evident in her approach with staff from Kindergarten to Year 12.”

“She was extremely well planned and prepared when delivering three workshops, based on the role the teacher plays when asking meaningful questions. Kylie also explored and reflected upon teaching practices and its impact on questioning.”

Gillian Coote
Assistant Principal, Swan Christian College, Perth, Western Australia