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Equipping teachers for dynamic learning that meets students where they're at.

Ready to review?

Our online audit tools can be tailored to find out what is working well, and areas needing improvement.

Covering the areas of gifted and talented education, inclusion, differentiation and disability, let us help you find out what individuals, executive, teams and whole staff really think is happening!


Online Audit Tools


Our online audit tools can be tailored to your school context, to be completed online by teams or whole staff, to give you a picture of current whole-school practice. The results offer a valuable insight into areas of strength and areas needing clarification or improvement.

These resources are designed to help schools review current practice, implement positive, evidence-based and constructive change, and measure progress over time.  The tools ask staff to reflect on whole-school practice in key areas.

The big picture…

What might be happening in one classroom, may not be occurring in another. What one teacher might believe to be policy, another teacher may not. A sub-school may be implementing differentiation well, when another has a long way to go. Knowing where your school is functioning as a whole is the key to planning school improvement and strategic change.

Inclusion AUDIT TOOL (Gifted and Talented, Disability and Differentiation)

Asks key questions related to:

  1. Policy and planning

  1. Student learning, development and engagement

  2. Assessment, identification and data analysis

  3. Pedagogy and practice in classrooms

  4. Responsive and data-informed curriculum planning and instructional strategies

  5. Learning environments, equipment and resources

  6. School organisation and leadership

  7. Professional development and conversations

  8. Community engagement and school culture

Gifted and Talented AUDIT TOOL

  1. Policy and planning

  1. Identification and data analysis

  2. Teaching, learning and assessment

  3. Support structures (academic and social/emotional)

  4. Special programs 

  5. Professional development and conversations

  6. Community engagement and outreach


"Kylie has brought a wealth of knowledge about gifted education and students to our staff”

“She has supported our planning and differentiation for gifted students, which has ultimately led to a shift in how we approach our catering for these students within the classroom. Kylie quickly built rapport and trusting relationships with staff, whilst providing them with tools that can be directly applied to our context. Thanks to Kylie we are well on the way to embedding high quality teaching programs, assessment and enrichment that effectively cater for the needs of our gifted and highly able students."

Cate Begbie
Head of Junior School, Wesley College, Perth, Western Australia

“An engaging presenter who brings a wealth of experience”

Kylie possesses a broad knowledge base regarding diverse ability students which she readily shares.  Kylie provides both practical ideas for the classroom as well as the theory to back this up. We look forward to working further with Kylie during 2016, when she will take on a leadership focus, supporting school leaders to develop key plans for inclusion of students with diverse ability.”

David Hewitt
Manager, Professional Capacity Building, Western Australian Primary Principal's Association (WAPPA)